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In order to join the regular dance courses offered by SwingCats you have to be a member. The membership fee is 100 NOK in addition to the course fee, and is valid for one calendar year. As a member you also get access to our weekly social dances, even if you choose not to join our courses.


To apply for membership, follow the steps below:


Follow the link to Min Idrett


Create a “New user” (If you’re a Norwegian citizen NIF asks for your personal 11 digit date of birth number. The 5 last numbers will not be visible for anyone else than you, the purpose is only to avoid multiple profiles on the same person).

There is a chance that you already have a profile in the NIF database. If you get a suggestion on an existing profile that corresponds to your information, chose to connect your login to the profile.

Go to “Membership”, click on “Find new club” and search for SwingCats Danseklubb

Choose the club and click “Send application”.

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