Lindy Hop


To prevent Covid-19 spreading, SwingCats classes are conducted according to the recommendations given by the Norwegian authorities.


Lindy Hop class for beginners

You haven't danced Lindy Hop or have been to one of our classes, then this is the class for you. We will focus on the basic steps and figures with a comfortable pace in class.

Tuesdays, 20:15 (NEW VENUE!!: KRA, Verven 24A)


1. part: 31.08. - 19.10. (7 week class, no class in autumn holidays

2. part: 26.10. - 07.12 (follow up 7 week class)


Lindy Hop class for intermediate dancer

You have danced Lindy Hop before, you can dance both to slow and fast tempo music and you know some figures, then this is your class.

We will build on the things learned in the beginner classes and add new figures as well as work on technique in a fun way.

Mondays, 20:15 (Bikubå)


1. part: 30.08. - 18.10. (7 week class, no class in autumn holidays

2. part: 25.10. - 06.12 (follow up 7 week class)


Solo jazz

We are planning to have solo jazz as a weekend workshop this autumn. We will announce dates on our Facebook page. Follow us on FB or send a message and we will notify you once dates are settled.


Prices (ordinary/student)
Half semester (7 weeks): 500 NOK / 350 NOK

Full semester (14 weeks): 900 NOK / 600 NOK

Membership 2021: 100 NOK

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